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Schedule Your Appointment
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Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule Your Appointment

Applıcants are requested to pay a portıon (ınr 6814) of the total turkey vısa applıcatıon fee whıle they are bookıng the appoıntments.

Please do not book any onlıne appoıntment ıf you are applyıng for approved work vısa category.  Send us an emaıl at helpline.india@gateway.com.tr

Please note that, customers who wish to apply for Türkiye visa can schedule their online appointments only through the website. Application will be accepted through the prior appointment booking. Walk-in customers can be only entertained as Premium Lounge / VIP applications. For Premium Lounge / VIP charges, please click here

A portion of the total Turkey Visa fee (INR 6814) will be charged online while you are booking your appointment. You will pay the remaining amount in cash at our offices. For example: If you are applying for a 3 months Türkiye visa, you charged INR 6814 during the appointment booking as online. Rest amount 17,370.00 - 6,814 = 10,556 INR will be requested from you at our offices as cash.

Each individual requires a separate appointment and will submit a separate application. For example, if a family or group of five is applying for their visas, then 5 appointments must be booked.

Appointments are in high demand; applicants are requested to book their appointments well in advance depending on their intended date of travel in order to avoid any inconvenience.

If the payment is unsuccessful, a new appointment can be scheduled only after 1 hour.

Please email us at helpline.india@gateway.com.tr   in case you face any issues while scheduling your appointment with the following details:

Passport number
Contact number
Screen shot of the issue (if any)
Alternatively, you may call us at  022 67866029 for further assistance.

You can  apply for your visa maximum of  60 days in advance to your travel date.

Rescheduling an appointment:

You are allowed to reschedule your appointment only one time in the day of your appointment date. Example: if you booked your first appointment for 01.01.2023, then you can only re-schedule your appointment on 01.02.2023 till midnight. Further change in date will be considered as a fresh appointment and new charges will be applied.

Cancelling an appointment:

If you wish to cancel your appointment, the service charges cannot be refunded. Appointments can be cancelled only 2 days prior to the scheduled date. If you cancel your appointment 2 days prior to your appointment date, please contact with us through our email.

In order to book a fresh appointment, you will need to pay for the charges again.

Terms and conditions

Appointment charges are non-refundable in the following situations and a new appointment will have to be scheduled:

If you miss your appointment on the scheduled date.
If you are late for your appointment time therefore it cannot be accommodated on the same day.
If your application is incomplete as per the guidelines and you have no re-scheduling right left.
If you decide not to proceed with the application.
If you cancel your appointment less than 2 days to your appointment date.
Jurisdiction Rule When Booking Your Appointment:

Please check the jurisdiction rules in our website before your book your appointment. Your application can not be accepted if you try to apply out of your jurisdiction.

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All battery operated or electronic gadgets such as cameras, audio/video cassettes. Compact discs, Mp3, floppies, laptops or portable music players & any inflammable items such as matchboxes/lighters/fuel etc. are strictly prohibited inside the Visa Application Center.

The list provided above is not finite. Other items may be prohibited based on the security staff’s discretion.

Important Note:

If you book an appointment for Premium Lounge / VIP service, a fee of INR 7454 will be charged in addition to the visa and service fees.

Please carry a copy of your appointment letter at the time of submission of your visa application.

Rest of the Türkiye Visa Application Service Fee must be paid in cash at our centers. Please check here for further information https://gatewayinternational.com.tr/india/genel-bilgiler/turkiye-vize-ucretleri

All mobiles should be switched off while entering the Visa Application Center.

Please provide 2 copies of the appointment letter.

Accepting the visa application does not mean a visa will be issued to the applicant. In the case that the visa application is rejected, The Embassy / Consulate is not obligated, in any way, to present an explanation or a reason. Additionally, the reimbursement of the visa application fee is not possible.


Kindly check all the necessary document requirements in our website please click before visiting the Visa Application Center. Please note that applications without proper documentations will not be accepted.

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